Lovers of the Red Sky Actor Gong Myung Enlists For Mandatory Military Service

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Lovers of the Red Sky actor Gong Myung has to be absent on fans' TV screens for a short time for now.

From being a member of the K-pop group 5urprise, Gong Myung tried his luck in the TV and film industry. He started focusing on the new fields as the five-piece K-pop boy group has not released new music since last year.

The group's lack of comeback gave Gong Myung a chance to score more prominent roles in the past years, from starring in the 2020 JTBC series Recipe for Happiness to leading SBS hit drama Lovers of the Red Sky.


Following his recent success, the 27-year-old actor temporarily bid goodbye to his fans to serve his mandatory military service.

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Gong Myung Enters Military


On December 14, Gong Myung officially entered the basic military training camp before starting his duties as a soldier. His agency, Saram Entertainment, released a statement asking his fans to support him until he completes his military service duties as a Korean national.

Saram Entertainment confirmed as early as November 9 that the actor would say goodbye for now while revealing his military enlistment date.

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"For the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, the location and time of his enlistment will be carried out in private. We ask for your understanding. Thank you," the statement went on.

Before his scheduled enlistment, Gong Myung made something to give to his fans as a gift while he is serving the country. Before his enlistment date, he completed filming his upcoming flick, Hansan. The movie features Park Hae Il, who plays the role of Admiral Yi Sun Shin. The story, set in 1592, tells the actual events during the Battle of Hansan Island.

Gong Myung Speaks Truth About His Career


Earlier this month, he was still able to sit down for an interview with Vogue Korea as part of his exclusive pictorial with the magazine. At that time, the actor talked about his career and how it is like being part of a marathon.

Per Gong Myung, he wants to run at his own pace while taking things slowly. Still, he never wants to be picky with the roles he gets from different projects.

"My goal isn't to focus on trying to find different roles. I want to take on the roles that I have without being picky, and if I can show diverse sides of the characters within those roles, then that would be great," he went on.

Gong Myung, in the end, said he wants to continue acting as long as he can. With his commendable performance, more TV series and films would surely contact him once he has been discharged from the military.

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