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BOL4 Reaches 1st 100M Views With Some Following the Duo's Disbandment

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BOL4 finally reached their first 100 million views years after their debut.

From being contestants of Superstar K6 in 2014, BOL4 found their home in Shofar Music and officially debuted as idols. The duo, which initially consisted of Woo Ji Yoon and Ahn Ji Young, debuted with their single Fight Day under their Red Ickle mini-album on April 22, 2016.

After performing together for years, the duo hit rock bottom until Woo Ji Yoon departed from the team in 2020.

Although Ahn Ji Young is the only member of BOL4 (or Bolbbalgan4), the musical duo formally scored their first 100 million views with Some.

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BOL4 Savors Milestone With Some

On Thursday, BOL4's fans celebrated the new milestone of BOL4's Some. It turned out that the song became the first project of the duo that ever reached 100 million views on YouTube.

The musical duo dropped the song on their Red Diary Page. 1 album in 2017. With that said, it took the song four years, three months, and 22 days to hit the mark.

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They will soon garner more similar milestones as the musical duo released many projects before Woo Ji Yoon left Ahn Ji Young. BOL4 famously released hit songs like Fight Day, Galaxy, Hard to Love, Tell Me You Love Me, To My Youth, #First Love, Travel, Wind, and Dejavu, to name a few.

BOL4 also landed on several series and sang their OSTs. Their music made it to Misaeng, Hwarang, Lost Tale Mobile Game, Why: The Real Reason You Got Dumped, and The Emperor: Owner of the Mask.

Why Woo Ji Yoon Left Ahn Ji Young?

Member Woo Ji Young left the duo in April 2020, but she did not share her thoughts until she shared solo music that hinted at their feud.

In July 2020, Ahn Ji Young hit back at her musical partner and said she unfollowed her as Woo Ji Young wrote the lyrics about her. Meanwhile, Woo Ji Young released a lengthy message on her Instagram stories, revealing the real reason why she left the group.

According to the idol, she had concerns about her own path. While she reportedly thought of staying a little longer, Ahn Ji Young reportedly showed her desire to part with her more quickly. In the end, she decided to leave the team sooner than what she expected.

She then addressed the song Ahn Ji Young talked about, saying she made the music long before leaving the group.

"It's hurt me as well to see that after I released my first song, so many people are calling it "taking a shot" rather than being interested in my music. There's still so much more that I haven't said. However, I don't want to add the things I haven't said and then regret it," she said.

It remains unknown whether the members of BOL4 already fixed their relationship after all these years.

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