Actor Lee Sang Bo Denies Recent Arrest Over Alleged Drug Abuse, Clarifies That He Takes Medicines for Depression

Credit: YTN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: YTN/YouTube Screenshot

Lee Sang Bo broke his silence after reports about him allegedly using drugs before his arrest emerged.

The industry had been shaken when multiple media outlets confirmed that Lee Sang Bo was the man in his 40s who was arrested over the weekend. Local news reports added that the arrest was due to his alleged drug use.

A few days later, the actor himself clarified what happened and revealed that his medicines are actually for depression.

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Lee Sang Bo Reveals Truth About Arrest in Gangnam

On September 13, YTN (via Naver's Daily Economy) clarified the news, saying that the reports about Lee Sang Boo's drug use was not true. Instead, the bizarre behavior he showed was due to the side effects of the anti-depression medicine he took before the arrest happened.

It added that Lee Sang Bo has been suffering from the mental illness after his mother and sister died in an accident shortly after his father's death in 2009.

The actor supported his explanation with the document of official diagnosis from the hospital, stating that he has been taking anti-depression and anti-anxiety medicines since three years ago due to his severe depression and anxiety.

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"The positive reaction to the police reagent test was due to the small amount of narcotic ingredient contained in the antidepressant medication," he explained.

He then expressed how shocked he was when he woke up reading news that called him "drug addict actor."

In response to the false news, he said that he would take legal actions against reporters who spread the false news.

What the Initial Reports Said About Actor Lee Sang Bo

His comments came after Korea JoongAng Daily shared a statement from the Seoul Gangnam Police Station that confirmed Lee Sang Bo's arrest.

It divulged that a concerned individual called the police after seeing a "man running around the streets who looks like he is high on drugs."

Lee Sang Bo's identity was not immediately revealed, causing the public to speculate that the man might be Park Hae Jin or Lee Mu Sang. Both agencies of the actors have since debunked the allegations.

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