ITZY Yuna Experienced Being Crazy In Love; Is It With BTS Jungkook?

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

ITZY Yuna is the maknae or the youngest member of the group. She debuted at the age of 15 under JYP Entertainment.

But, despite her age, the K-pop idol previously revealed that she already experienced being “crazy in love.” This came after she and the rest of the group were asked whether they have ever been felt it during an interview with SBS Radio, according to Koreaboo.

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A Shocking, Yet Touching Revelation For Everyone

In 2021, ITZY sat down for the engagement as part of their promotions. Considering that they were promoting their debut studio album, Crazy In Love, at the time, the host asked the members a few things in relation to love.

When Yuna abruptly said “yes,” her groupmates seemingly snapped their heads toward her to see whether she was the one who responded. It, indeed, grabbed the attention of her co-members because most K-pop idols would reportedly brush off the question.

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A beat later, though, Yuna clarified her response. She said that she is crazy in love with “MIDZY,” and it sent everyone into laughter.

Apart from their avid fans and followers across the globe, the K-pop idol ensured to give a shoutout, as well, to her parents. She consequently mentioned her unnies, adding that she also treasures them.

ITZY Yuna And Her Links To BTS Member Jungkook

Dating rumors are prevalent among South Korean idols, and the ITZY member is no exception. There have been talks about her “links” to BTS member, Jungkook, who is also a maknae of his own group.

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They seemingly sparked romance speculations after discovering that Yuna is the unnamed partner of Jungkook in BTS’ “Love Yourself” highlight reel. AllKpop said that the two idols had a “hospital romance” going on in the material.

Despite this, though, the two celebrities did not date or are in a relationship to date.

The five members of ITZY are under JYP Entertainment. It is already public knowledge that the label's artists have a dating ban in place, and this applies to the group.


Watch this space for more ITZY Yuna news.

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