TWICE Tzuyu Boyfriend 2022: Is She A Girlfriend To A Fellow K-pop Idol?

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Credit: JYP Entertainment /YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Tzuyu possesses one of the most stunning faces in the world of K-pop. While this has helped her build a stable career in South Korean entertainment, this has also made her vulnerable to rumors.

It is not surprising, though, that the K-pop idol faces allegations and speculations from time to time. This is even more common among those who are in the spotlight, like the members of TWICE.

Some of the most apparent reports about them involve their respective relationship statuses these days.

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In A Relationship With TWICE Tzuyu

Reports said that Tzuyu is single and is not a girlfriend to anyone. She is not dating anyone even in secret or behind closed doors.

The individuals of the opposite sex who seemingly have a “relationship” with the TWICE member are her “fanboys,” as she has a lot of them. Channel-Korea said they even include some celebrities, like the I’m Not Sorry singer Dean.

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Alleged Visual-To-Visual Romantic Ties With BTS V

The same publication then touched on the well-known relationship rumors surrounding Tzuyu. On top of the list is her alleged romance with BTS member V.

Both K-pop idols are the main visuals of their respective groups. But, the allegations seemingly began when they posted photos of the Day6 concert on the same time frame, with only a three to four-minute difference.

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BTS and TWICE Maknaes' Rumored Relationship

The TWICE member also faced romance speculations with another BTS member. This time it was with the maknae of the all-male group.

Tzuyu and Jungkook are the youngest members of their respective acts. With their similar positions, as well as “chemistry,” they sparked the talks among fans, who have made them their “K-pop fantasy couple.”


Some individuals also claimed that the two K-pop idols had eye-to-eye moments during the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Others even created collages of their photos and edited some of their images to make it look like they are together.

Watch this space for more TWICE Tzuyu news.

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