TXT Beomgyu Reveals He Initially Turned Down Invite To Debut In Boy Group Because of This

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TXT Beomgyu became the living proof not everyone truly wants to debut within a K-pop group.

TXT, the most-awaited boy group under BTS’ label, HYBE, debuted in March 2019 and introduced its five members to the public. Yeonjun, Hueningkai, Taehyun, Soobin, and Beomgyu immediately earned positive responses from the public that they got compared to the now-supergroup, BTS.

The boy group first wowed the public with their debut mini-album, The Dream Chapter: STAR, where they talked about the difficulties teenagers have to experience.


Just like what their first gift to the music industry said, all members surely faced difficulties before their debut. TXT member Beomgyu even spoke about it recently and how he never debuted at all.

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TXT Beomgyu Didn’t Want To Be In Boy Group

On Thursday’s episode of JTBC show Bistro Shigor, the young K-pop idol marked his first-ever solo variety show appearance as a “part-timer.” He showed them how quickly he could adapt to a new environment by doing his role perfectly that the original hosts did not want him to let him go.


During the show’s mealtime break, Cha In Pyo got curious about Beomgyu’s journey as an idol, asking him when he debuted in the industry.

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Beomgyu said he was nearly 17 when he began as a trainee, his answer prompting Jo Se ho also to ask TVXQ’s Changmin about his trainee days under SM Entertainment. The two idols then shared they were both placed in their respective groups’ debut lineups immediately.

However, unlike Changmin, Beomgyu almost never made it in the first place.

He detailed:

“When I first made the debut lineup, I said I wouldn’t do it. I wasn’t originally planning on becoming an idol. I originally played guitar, so I was determined to eventually become a member of a band no matter what. Because the opportunity [to become a trainee] came my way, I thought, ‘Since things turned out like this, I should work hard,’ but then they suddenly said I was going to be in the debut lineup.”

Fortunately, Beomgyu changed his mind and completed TXT with his charm and talent.


Beomgyu’s Journey Before Debut

For several times, the K-pop idol shared how he fell in love with playing guitar. In an interview with Paper magazine, he revealed that music helps him express himself in the best way possible.

He reportedly felt it for the first time due to his father’s influence that they continuously listened to ABBA and Air Supply, among others, as a child.


After listening to the bands’ music, Beomgyu realized it was something he might want to do. Still, he waited until he joined a band and started performing to find out that he truly wanted to pursue music.

Despite wanting to debut in a band, Big Hit Music pushed through with its plans and included Beomgyu on TXT’s lineup – and it has been worth it since then.

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