ITZY Chaeryeong Emphasizes Skincare Is Top Beauty Priority

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

K-pop idols normally get questions about their skincare routines and beauty regimens, and ITZY Chaeryeong is no exception.

Since the group’s debut in 2019, the idol, alongside her co-members, has always shared some of their thoughts and insights into beauty and skincare. In one of their most recent engagements, the five artists even dwelled on their “secrets.”

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ITZY Chaeryeong Loves Cleansing So Much

Speaking to The Zoe Report in mid-2021, the ITZY members touched on several aspects of their fame, success, and beauty. When asked about K-beauty and skincare, Chaeryeong did not shy away from revealing her preferences.

She admitted that taking care of her skin is at the “top of her beauty priorities.” She also emphasized that this dramatically applies to the step of cleansing.

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The group’s main dancer stated that she has “tons of cleansers” in all forms one can think of today. These include cleansing waters, eye removers, and foams.

Amid the pandemic, fans and followers learned some of the idol's product preferences. Allure reported that she uses Foreo Luna Mini 3 to help her with her cleansing routines to avoid "maskne."

Chaeryeong did not explain, however, why she likes cleansing. But, with their stunning makeup looks in every performance and engagement, it is not surprising why she prioritizes this step in her skincare routine among all.

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The Idol's Best Skincare Secret

During an interview with Seventeen, the members of ITZY sat down to answer some “interesting questions” about themselves, according to Koreaboo. These include the subjects of skincare and beauty.

When asked about their respective skincare secrets, Chaeryeong claimed she does not do anything special when it comes to her routines. Lia then wondered whether she was born that way, to which the idol “shyly” responded, “yes.”

Despite this, the group’s lead vocalist shared that she does a few things to maintain her “naturally gorgeous” skin. She stated that she “frequently changes” her pillowcases because there are pieces of harbor bacteria that can cause harm to the skin.

Watch this space for more ITZY Chaeryeong news.

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