ITZY Yuna Boyfriend 2022: Idol Clarifies Current Relationship Status

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Earlier in March, ITZY Yuna went to dine at Gordon Ramsay Burger restaurant at Lotte World Mall in Seoul. She was with someone at the time as she had ordered meals for two.

Upon posting photos on social media, some netizens were quick to speculate that she was dating someone. A few assumed that she was with Jay of ENHYPEN because he posted similar pictures of his dining experience at the same eatery on the same day, according to AllKpop.

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ITZY Yuna Shares The Truth About Her Dating Life

The speculations seemingly grew across media platforms, with some individuals even creating online community conversations to talk about the matter. But, before it all completely blew up, the maknae of ITZY took her thoughts to social media to set the story straight.

The following day, Yuna shared with her fans and followers that she was with a friend from her elementary school. She explained that they share an 11-year friendship, and they went to eat out to celebrate her unnamed friend’s college admission.

To substantiate her story, the K-pop idol posted a photo, featuring her female friend during the outing. She did not reveal the identity, though, likely to protect their privacy.

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Rumors, Links To Other K-pop Idols

This is not the first time Yuna faced dating speculations and discussions among netizens. In 2019, many K-pop fans talked about her apparent links to Jungkook of BTS as they had a surprising “encounter” a few years ago, according to a separate report from AllKpop.

As it happened, the ITZY member played the Golden Maknae’s love interest in the highlight reel of Love Yourself. Although no apparent romantic rumors emerged from the discussion, many were reportedly “envious” of the encounter itself between the two young idols.

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Dating Ban Under JYP Entertainment

It is not surprising that Yuna is not dating anyone today. Fans know that as an artist under JYP Entertainment, they follow a strict dating ban policy.

JYP head, Park Jin Young, has been known for imposing such rules on the artists, according to Kpop Starz.

Although the details remain undisclosed before the public, some have claimed that Kpop idols under the agency, like the members of ITZY, are prohibited from dating in the first three years of their careers.

Watch this space for more ITZY Yuna news.

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