Is There a Post-credits Scene in One Piece Film: Red?

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Is There a Post-credits Scene in One Piece Film Red Luffy
Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Film: Red arrives in North America, and anticipation for Uta's big-screen debut intensifies. With almost two hours of screen time, is there a post-credits scene in One Piece Film: Red?

The 15th film of the One Piece franchise is unlike any other in the series. It centers on Uta, Shanks' daughter and Luffy's childhood friend.


With so many bonds explored in the film, One Piece Film: Red is a must-see for fans of the series!

Spoiler Warning: There are major One Piece Film: Red spoilers ahead!

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Is There a Post-credits Scene in One Piece Film: Red?

Yes, One Piece Film: Red has a post-credits scene! Following the credits, Luffy sits above the figurehead of the Thousand Sunny.

Not only is the crew of the Thousand Sunny ready to embark on a new adventure, but Luffy appears to be more determined than ever to overcome any obstacles that destiny may throw at him.


Luffy attempts to communicate with the figurehead of the Thousand Sunny while sitting above it, calling its name at least twice and petting its head.

Is There a Post-credits Scene in One Piece Film Red Luffy
Credit: Toei Animation
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Because Sunny is unable to respond, Luffy looks up at the sky and recalls Uta holding his straw hat.

Afterward, Luffy no longer bothers Sunny, goes up from the figurehead, and extends his arms to the sky.

Before the end of the post-credits scene, Luffy declares himself King of the Pirates as he leaps above the ship.

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Why Was Luffy Talking with Sunny?

Why Was Luffy Talking with Sunny Sunny
Credit: Toei Animation

In the post-credits scene of One Piece Film: Red, Luffy is seen talking with Sunny since he was able to talk to him on Elegia Island.

After Uta prevented the Straw Hats from leaving the island, the Thousand Sunny was transformed into a talking and moving figurehead complete with arms and legs.

Because Uta is the living embodiment of a god in her own world, she can do whatever she wants to anyone, including giving life to the Thousand Sunny.

Sunny then accompanied Luffy and the others in their plan to stop Uta and return to the real world.

Moreover, Sunny even manages to talk one-on-one with Luffy, discussing the adventures they shared together.

Sunny is just like any other comrade to Luffy, which is why he was talking to and calling out to him in the post-credits scene.

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Why Did Luffy Think of Uta?

In the post-credits scene, Luffy considers Uta's words as motivation to fulfill his ambition of becoming the King of the Pirates.

Uta initially duped Luffy into thinking she destroyed the straw hat Shanks had given him.

However, Uta revealed that she had been holding onto it all along and that there was no way for her to destroy it.

Why Did Luffy Think of Uta Uta and Luffy
Credit: Toei Animation

Furthermore, Uta accepted Luffy's dream of becoming the King of the Pirates, even if it meant refusing to join her in ushering in a new era of a world free of pirates.

After all, Uta had finally learned the truth about her previous problems with Shanks.

Because Uta died, Luffy will be the one to carry on their dream of ushering in a new era in the world.

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