Is Riku Aganeia Stronger Than Ainz in Overlord 4?

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Is Riku Aganeia Stronger Than Ainz in Overlord 4 Riku Aganeia
Credit: Madhouse

The fight is on in Overlord 4 as the Platinum Dragon Lord, aka Riku Aganeia, arrives to give Ainz a taste of his own medicine. So, is Riku Aganeia stronger than Ainz in Overlord 4?

In the battle against the Re-Estize Kingdom, it is up to the adventurers as well as Riku to defend against and overthrow the Sorcerer Kingdom!

At this point, everyone is aware that Ainz is the powerful Supreme Being that rules over the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Throughout the previous seasons, no one has stood on the same ground as Ainz in terms of his wit and battle prowess.

From fighting Shalltear to Gazeff Stronoff, Ainz has trolled a lot of fans with his well-thought-out battle plans.

Warning: Overlord light novel spoilers ahead!

Who Is Riku Aganeia in Overlord 4?

Who is Riku Aganeia in Overlord 4 Riku Aganeia
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Credit: Madhouse

Riku Aganeia is the main antagonist of Overlord 4, hiding his true identity as Tsaindorcus Vaision, the Platinum Dragon Lord.

He is the son of the Dragon Emperor, who was blamed for the sudden appearance of YGGDRASIL players in the New World.

Tsaindorcus or Tsa awakens after years of slumber to discover that strange things are happening all over the world.

Tsaindorcus was one of the 13 Heroes who fought the Evil Deities who wreaked havoc on the world. However, Tsa did not take part in the lengthy battle.

Tsa is also one of the Argland Council State's Five Dragon Counselors, a demi-human nation located northwest of the Re-Estize Kingdom.

Tsa, in particular, sees players like Ainz as the greatest threat to the New World. This explains his adamant refusal of Ainz's offer of subordination.

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Is Riku Aganeia Stronger Than Ainz in Overlord 4?

Is Riku Aganeia Stronger than Ainz in Overlord 4 Ainz and Riku
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Credit: Madhouse

In Overlord 4, Riku Aganeia is not stronger than Ainz. However, based on their previous encounter, he believes he can defeat Ainz in his future plans with Azuth Aindra.

When Riku and Ainz fought in the battle of Re-Estize, Ainz's true body was only watching from afar.

As part of the Sorcerer King's plan to gather intelligence, he had Pandora's Actor fight on his behalf.

Surprisingly, a new foe appears on the battlefield wearing platinum-clad armor.

According to Pandora's Actor's observations, the platinum-clad armor is level 90. His name is Riku Aganeia, and he recalls him as a former member of the 13 Heroes.

Pandora's Actor also mentions Riku's lack of mana despite having a lot of HP.

Pandora's Actor has gathered enough information for Ainz to prepare for the battle against Riku, from using a barrier to controlling his weapons as if they were a part of him.

Truly, Ainz, the ever-overthinking King of Darkness, measured Riku's power successfully.

Given the circumstances, Ainz is very likely to defeat Riku in a way that will have fans exclaiming "Sasuga, Ainz-sama!" once more!

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Will Riku Join Ainz in Overlord 4?

Will Riku Join Ainz in Overlord 4 Riku Aganeia
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Credit: Madhouse

Riku will not be joining Ainz's army in Overlord 4.

When Ainz asked him to switch sides, Riku eventually ignored and rejected Ainz's proposal.

After all, Riku is adamant about discarding players who pose a significant threat to the New World.

He believes that each of them is corrupt and that they use their positions of power to exploit the weak.

Riku will most likely not join Ainz in pursuing his goal of total domination and creating a utopia for his loyal subjects.

Riku, like Gazeff Stronoff, is expected to choose death over siding with Ainz in Overlord.

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