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Is No Game, No Life Still Worth Watching? Review

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Is No Game, No Life Worth Watching: Review

No Game, No Life is one of the popular isekai anime that was known for its intriguing plot and well-written characters. However, is No Game, No Life still worth watching?

No Game, No Life was popularly known for its light novel format, the original medium. It was then adapted into a manga before it was made into an anime. Both the manga and light novel received great response.

But the series earned some controversy, which makes sense if interested anime fans would be curious if the anime is worth watching or would it be better to just read the manga or light novel. This review might give the answer to that.

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Is No Game, No Life Worth Watching?

No Game, No Life
No Game, No Life is an interesting concept with colourful visuals. However, it also has some serious flaws.

There are a lot of elements to consider: plot, characters, worldbuilding, and pacing. Other elements to look out for are animation and soundtrack although it would rare to find an anime with a bad soundtrack and the animation usually fits the story, unless the studio wanted to experiment on other things like 3D.

For No Game, No Life, the story followed the two siblings, Sora and Shiro. The two of them created an identity named Blank. It is a group of undefeated gamers. One of the games they played was chess, and they ended up fighting against the God of Games.

They won, which is quite expected, and the God decided to summon them to Disboard, a world where everything is decided through games.

Each game can result to saving lives and crossing national borders. As the undefeated duo, Shiro and Sora planned to conquer the ruling species and make themselves the God of Games. The plot is intriguing as views would want to see how the duo achieve their goals.

The concept gave a lot of room for interesting stories and challenges, which can make anyone hooked to it. The characters were well-written as well considering that they should be strategic and smart.

They develop as the story continues, which is needed in the story. However, there wasn’t much growth considering that it has been emphasized that the two were unbeatable from the start.

The world of No Game, No Life was different from other series mainly because it focuses on the concept of games. Everything revolves around the concept which is an interesting take.

The visuals of the anime are rather colorful, which was kind of unusual but given the concept of the series, it wasn’t that surprising to have that take.

While it might seem that No Game, No Life is an ideal anime to watch, it does have its flaws. Australia banned some volumes as there were scenes that violated the depiction of minors.

Yuu Kamiya, the creator, was accused of plagiarizing regarding similar artworks. These issues might added reasons why the series never got a sequel.

Overall, No Game, No Life is an interesting anime, especially for those who are into isekai. But since No Game, No Life hasn't had a second season, it would be better to check the manga or light novel.

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