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Is Gojo Satoru Dead in Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen fans will agree that Gojo Satoru might be the most powerful sorcerer in the series. He even claims that he is. He is an all-rounder who has immense cursed energy, high intellect, dangerous curses, and amazing physical ability.

The only person who wanted to defeat Gojo is Geto. He knew what Gojo can do so his plan is either to seal or kill Gojo. He and his team already picked an exact date when to do this and as expected, Gojo intervened. The plot twist is that Gojo got sealed in a prison realm. Will he die there?

Is Gojo Satoru Dead in Jujutsu Kaisen

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The answer is no as of this writing. While it is true that Gojo was sealed in Chapter 91, he seemed to be alive inside. While he was sealed, he was deemed an accomplice during the Shibuya arc and will be exiled once he got out of the seal. Anyone who removes the seal from the realm will be deemed as a criminal as well.


Even if Gojo is the most powerful sorcerer, he is still human and anything can happen in the series at this point. There are also a lot of instances when Gojo could've been killed but he just always finds a way to be safe.

One instance is when Gojo faced Jogo. Jogo was able to put Gojo into his Coffin of the Iron Mountain Domain but as expected, Gojo used his Infinite Domain to be free. Those who have read the manga might agree that if Gojo fought Sukuna for more than 10 seconds, the popular character might have died.

Sukuna has proved that he can actually take the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen character title during the Shibuya Incident Arc. In the manga, Gojo explained to Megumi that a wielder of the Ten Shadows techniques was able to kill one of his family members in the past who has the same cursed techniques (Six Eyes Technique and Limitless) that Gojo has now.

In addition, anyone with the two techniques was beaten by Divine General Mahoraga. Guess who was able to defeat the Divine General? Sukuna. This could mean that in the near future, if Gojo and Sukuna decide to have another fight, Gojo needs to make sure that he knows how to beat the King of Curses.

Ever wondered why Gojo wears a blindfold? We have the answer here.

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