Is the Cult Real in The Eminence in Shadow?

Is the Cult Real in The Eminence in Shadow Alpha
Credit: Nexus

Is the Cult Real in The Eminence in Shadow Alpha
Credit: Nexus

Much of the humor in The Eminence in Shadow stems from the fact that Cid thinks that the cult he's pretending to work against is only a myth. But is the Cult of Diablos real in The Eminence in Shadow?

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Is The Cult of Diablos Real in The Eminence in Shadow?

The Cult of Diablos is actually real and active during The Eminence in Shadow's timeline. Throughout the isekai anime, Cid builds his myth and overpowered persona under the assumption that the cult is fake. However, he couldn't be more mistaken.

When he first meets Alpha, Cid tells her stories about the Cult of Diablos. Alpha seems to be taking it all very seriously so much so that she's eager to join the Shadow Garden to fight against the cult.

Is the Cult Real in The Eminence in Shadow Cid
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Cid thinks she's roleplaying, or that he's just a very good deceiver. But Alpha gathers six other girls around her, which include Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, and Eta.

Together, they dedicate themselves to fighting against the evil cult.

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What Are the Cult's Activities?

The Cult's Activities in The Eminence in Shadow Alexia
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Many major events such as the kidnapping of Princess Alexia and Cid's sister, Claire Kagenou, were all part of the cult's activities, as were many other seemingly unrelated events.

Historically, the cult was known for kidnapping children and experimenting on them, so many of the mysterious disappearances in the series are directly related to their activities.

They are also behind the terrorist attacks in Midgar Academy, as well as the infiltration of the holy grounds during the goddess' trial.

What Are the Cult's Activities Perv Asshat
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Perv Asshat, one of the cult's allies and Rose Oriana's ex-fiancé, went so far as to repeatedly drug her father to insert a puppet on his throne and further Diablos' influence.

Overall, the cult would have likely taken over by now if Cid's Shadow Garden wasn't there to stop them. This fact makes it particularly funny that Cid is unaware of their existence for such a long time.

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Who Are the Members of the Cult of Diablos?

The Cult's Members  in The Eminence in Shadow Cid
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Not much is known about the main members and founders of the cult. Diablos is known for attracting power-hungry and powerful individuals, but it has declined over time.

Now, the cult mostly consists of three orders of former children that were once kidnapped and experimented upon.

The First Children are considered legendary warriors. The Second Children simply managed to survive without losing their sanity, while the Third Children are considered to be disposable pawns.

Known associates of the cult include Perv Asshat, Venom, and even Rose's mother, Queen Reina.

If The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 gets greenlit, we'll hopefully find out more about the cult and its motivations.

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