Wait, is DanMachi’s Bell Actually a God?!

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is DanMachi’s Bell Actually a God

In DanMachi, it was revealed that Bell was formed through the union of one of the members of Zeus Familia and a member of Hera Familia named Meteria. Does that mean that Bell is actually a god?

Does that explain why Zeus decided to take care of Bell and inspired him to become an adventurer? Are Zeus and Bell actually related? Where are Bell’s parents? What could this mean for Bell?

A lot of questions emerged after Bell’s lineage was revealed. Although it doesn’t seem to affect the main plot of the story, supporters of the show have been intrigued with his identity.

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Is DanMachi’s Bell Actually a God?

Is Bell a God in DanMachi
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Despite who his parents are, Bell is considered human. This was implied in all the light novels. The creator never emphasized that Bell is a god or even a demi-god for the matter.

This could still change, considering that the light novel and manga are still ongoing. But until a formal update has been made, we will have to consider Bell as a human.

One thing is for sure, though, Bell is not a demi-god as it has been explained that humans and gods cannot conceive children. This would mean that the Zeus Familia member and Meteria were both gods.

But then again, why was it not emphasized that Bell is indeed a god if he was? Did Zeus take care of Bell just because he was a child of a Zeus Familia? Does that make Zeus his adoptive grandfather?

Zeus has been missing in action in DanMachi so it might take time before viewers get his side of the story. The truth cannot come from Bell’s parents either as both of them have died, making him an orphan.

But whether Bell is a god or demi-god, it still does not change the fact that he is on his way to becoming a great hero. He has been doing well without connecting his lineage to him and he will surely continue to develop as the series progresses.

DanMachi season 4 made its premiere in July 2022 as part of the 2022 summer anime line-up. Will the new season finally reveal the truth about Bell’s identity?

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