Is Clea in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

The introduction of Clea has been widely rumored ever since the Doctor Strange sequel was announced. And now that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has finally premiered in theaters, was Clea the Sorcerer really there?

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In Marvel Comics, Clea plays the love interest of Doctor Strange. Aside from that, she is also an excellent sorcerer like Stephen Strange. Clea is the daughter of Prince Orini and a legitimate heir to rule the Dark Dimension, which is where she originally gained her powers. Clea has played a substantial part in Doctor Strange's journey in the comics, battling different mystic entities and defending the earth from mystical threats.

Rumors have been continuously swirling around that Clea will finally debut in the Doctor Strange sequel, and fans have extremely theorized how the character will be introduced. One that centers on Rachel McAdams' Christine Palmer, where Doctor Strange will meet a Palmer variant, who is Clea in another universe. While some others think that Clea will be introduced featuring a new actress, Charlize Theron.

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Gladly, it looks like a new sorcerer will join the mystical side of the MCU as Clea amazingly made her first appearance in a mid-credits scene for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


In the mid-credits scene, Doctor Strange was spotted walking down a street in New York when suddenly a mysterious woman in a purple get-up played by critically-acclaimed actress Charlize Theron appeared, she says "You caused an incursion and we’re going to fix it.”

Using a blade, she cuts a hole in reality, opening up a portal to a dimension that appears to be the Dark Dimension, where Doctor Strange played mind games with Dormammu in the first film.

Theron's character asked, “Unless you’re afraid?”

Opening his new third eye, Doctor Strange responded, “Not in the least”, before jumping into the portal with her.

Now, who is Charlize Theron playing?

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Given the rumors going around that Mad Max: Fury Road actress will be joining the MCU, it's certain that Theron portrays the Sorceress Clea, and this mid-credits scene clearly indicates that she will appear in the next MCU projects, more likely related to Doctor Strange-centric projects.

And with the mid-credits conclusion showing both Clea and Strange jumping to the Dark Dimension, it seemingly hints that Doctor Strange 3 will finally offer closure to Doctor Strange and Dormammu after the first film only finalizes an agreement with the two. While we don't have any details yet about what's to come for Doctor Strange and his journey back to the Dark Dimension to fix the 'Incursion,' Clea will certainly be a substantial part of Doctor Strange's next journey, as the Clea is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now showing in theaters worldwide.

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