BTS Suga Health Update: K-pop Idol Shares Status After Undergoing Shoulder Surgery

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Suga still endures the effects of the accident that injured his shoulders years ago.

BTS Suga first revealed the story behind his injured shoulders in a 2018 episode of Burn the Stage.The rapper revealed that he got involved in a vehicular accident when he was still working as a delivery boy while training.

After a car hit him, his shoulders dislodged. The rapper initially kept it a secret from then-Big Hit Entertainment. But from what he feared, the agency helped him recover.

He also used the accident to complete his song, The Last¸ where he sang that he shattered his shoulders when he “met” an accident during his part-time job.

Years after sustaining it, Suga dropped a new update about it and its current state.

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BTS Suga Shares Update on Shoulders After 2020 Surgery

On Wednesday, he held a V LIVE broadcast where he talked about his participation in the making of Psy’s That That. He also took his time to share an update about his shoulders following surgery in November 2020.

Per Suga, the injury restricts him from moving too much while performing on stage. Still, he assured fans that he did not feel any pain.

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"When you look at it, the angle at which my right arm moves around and the angle at which my left arm moves around is different,” he explained. "Following my surgery, there's a feeling where my shoulder feels firm and restricted."

Before his 2020 surgery, Big Hit Entertainment disclosed in 2019 that the idol was diagnosed with a posterior labral tear of his left shoulder. The procedure then repaired his shoulder labrum and kept him from the spotlight for weeks to focus on his recovery.

BTS Suga Released Statement After Surgery

The new update came after he first opened up about his healing process in a V Live. At that time, he recalled how the first three days after the surgery were really painful that he could not sleep well.

Fortunately, after two weeks of resting, he began to sleep more comfortably again.

“I usually have scheduled activities every day. Now I wake up and wonder what I should do and how I should spend the day so that it feels worthwhile," he continued.

Suga also underwent physical therapy. While doing so, he also enjoyed his time off working on music and studying English.

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