100% Chanyong Confirms Marriage to Non-Celebrity Girlfriend

Credit: TOP MEDIA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TOP MEDIA/YouTube Screenshot

Chanyong took a massive step in his life after years of performing as an idol.

Chanyong started his career in the music industry when his group, 100%, debuted with their single, We, 100%. The group was formed under Andy Lee’s TOP Media, and it initially started with seven members.

They experienced heartbreaks while promoting, as the members had to deal with Changbum leaving the group and Minwoo’s sudden death in March 2018.

In September, TOP Media announced 100% disbandment ahead of their supposed 9th anniversary.

Despite that, Chanyong – like other members – started his new life and joined the pre-debut boy group, FAVE1, along with the three other ex-members of 100%. On top of that, he also saw a development in his life outside the K-pop industry.

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Chanyong Confirms Marriage

On April 28, Chanyong shared a post on the homepage of FAVE1, opening up about his marriage and mental health journey.

He started his statement by wishing everyone well amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He also expressed his wishes for this year to become a better one.

Chanyong mentioned those people who have always supported him and believed in him since he began his career. Now, he reportedly needed to deliver surprising news to his fans and friends – his marriage.

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“There’s someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. While meeting with her, I gained the trust and we decided to get married with that trust as the foundation. As she is a non-celebrity, I ask that you understand with an open mind that I cannot disclose details. We’ve also decided to hold a private ceremony inviting only our families and close acquaintances,” he said.

Although he is married now, he pledged to continue serving the fans while being a responsible head of his family.

Chanyong Diagnosed With Panic Disorder

Amid the good news in his life, the K-pop idol also has to deal with his mental health issues.

Chanyong revealed that he started receiving treatment for his panic disorder and panic attacks. For what it’s worth, he already showed signs of it while promoting as a K-pop idol. Until now, he remains clueless as to when the attacks would occur.

Although it might affect FAVE1’s future promotions, Chanyong said he would concentrate on his recovery to become well as soon as possible.

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