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Iron Fist Star Reflects On Show's Failure

Marvel Studios is the home of well-acclaimed comics, films, and TV shows. Despite its reputation, there could be times when its content wouldn't get a warm reception given the high standards that fans have already set prior to its release. One of the worst Marvel series according to Metacritic is Iron Fist, and its main actor gets candid about the show’s cinematic position.

Speaking with Geekscape Podcast, Finn Jones, who assumed the titular role, opened up about what went wrong with his solo Marvel series. He noted many factors that affect the show’s performance such as scheduling conflicts.

“I think, really, the first season, there were a lot of creative challenges, and it didn’t live up to the expectations, and I think that came down to scheduling conflicts. That season of television was rushed because we had The Defenders that we had to film straight afterwards,” he said.

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The actor narrated, “We had to film The Defenders, we had all those other actors locked into that schedule, so we had to film those 13 episodes of television in that set time, and unfortunately, we just didn’t have the time to do what was expected and what was desired. And the reason that show failed was because of the time constraints, because of bad scheduling.”

Danny Rand, played by Jones, served as the series' protagonist. A privileged, bored child named who accidentally discovers the Iron Fist's legendary powers, turning him into a master of the martial arts.

Negative reviews went for Iron Fist, with critics lambasting the show's underwhelming plot and star Jones' unimpressive performance. Despite this, the series received a renewal for an even worse second season before being completely scrapped.

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Despite the critics' and audience’s unfavorable responses, in Jones’ perspective, they did well for the second season. He reasoned, “Season 2, we really understood what the floors were, and we worked hard to course-correct the show, and in my opinion, we did. We did a fantastic job bringing that show back up to code,”

“Unfortunately, just a month after that show had premiered, all of the shows got deleted because Disney wanted to create their own series, they wanted to do their own thing on their own platform, which is understandable. But it was a shame that it kind of, just when we were out of the gate, ready to kind of go running, we were just, like, yanked.” Jones concluded.

Whether Iron Fist will get a second chance in the cinematic landscape or Jones will portray more Defenders characters, the fans' initial reactions won’t be so easy to dismiss and not consider.

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Both seasons of Iron Fist are available to stream on Disney+.

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