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Interview with the Vampire Producer Teases Armand and Daniel's Season 2 Story

There is little doubt that the first season of Interview with the Vampire concluded with a major revelation about Rashid who was confirmed to be the vampire Armand. In addition to that, it looked like Armand had an ulterior motive for bringing Daniel Molloy to Dubai. So what will happen to these two in the second season? Producer Adam O'Byrne teased how Season 2 will explore Armand and Daniel's story.

The first season of Interview with the Vampire had been all about Louis' story, explaining how he became a vampire and his toxic relationship with Lestat and Claudia. However, Season 1 also dropped clues on Daniel's story and we ultimately learned the truth about Rashid.

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So what can we expect in Interview with the Vampire Season 2? Adam O'Byrne recently spoke to The Canadian Press (via Toronto Star) where he confirmed that we will learn more about Armand and Daniel.

"Why Armand is doing what he's doing and the dynamics between the two of them — meaning Louis and Armand and then also, frankly, Armand and Molloy — are things that will be heavily explored in Season 2," O'Byrne said.

This is great news considering that fans have been curious about Armand and Daniel in the first season. With that in mind, we're glad that the two characters will play even larger roles in Season 2.

O'Bryne also teased that Interview with the Vampire Season 2 will begin production in April next year. However, the wait for the second season's premiere might be a little longer than expected.

“My guess is we won’t make that window,” O’Byrne said. “That is an AMC call.”

It is expected that Interview with the Vampire Season 2 will get a later 2023 or early 2024 premiere. The official release date could be announced later next year. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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