Insider Gets Slammed on Twitter After D23 MCU Scoop Didn't Happen

Credit: HBO Max

Credit: HBO Max

Fans were promised huge announcements at Disney's D23 Expo and while Marvel Studios undoubtedly delivered the goods, a lot of folks were incredibly pissed when Kevin Feige didn't unveil the official cast of the Fantastic Four reboot, despite announcing Matt Shakman as director.

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Credit: Marvel

If you've closely been following the rumor mill ahead of D23, you're very much aware of the scoop from reporter Emmet Kennedy claiming that the studio will be bringing in an "epic" ensemble for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's fourth and fifth phases and some of them were reportedly appearing during the event.

Names included in the said casting "scoop" were Jodie Comer, John Boyega, Daisy Edgar-Jones, John Krasinski, Giancarlo Esposito, Denzel Washington, and Henry Cavill. Emmet didn't exactly specify what roles they were cast in but speculation was high that most of them were involved in the anticipated Fantastic Four project.

Obviously, the report turned out to be false and not a single actor mentioned in the rumor appeared during Feige's Marvel Studios presentation. Naturally, it infuriated the fandom and it drew the reporter a ton of heat. Kennedy tried playing things cool but the fandom was clearly having none of his apparent BS. Check out the full thread of reactions below:

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Well, when you think about it, the fans are at fault for not tempering their expectations and believing everything they see online. Now, as for the possibility of actors like Comer, Boyega, and Cavill joining the MCU, I guess only time will tell.

As it stands, no casting announcements have been made for Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four and X-Men reboots.

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