Im Soo Hyang Reveals Why K-Drama Doctor Lawyer Will Pique People's Interest

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Credit: MBCEntertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Im Soo Hyang spoke highly of her upcoming drama, Doctor Lawyer, amid the success of Woori The Virgin.

Im Soo Hyang immediately became one of the most sought-after actresses in the past years that two of her K-dramas faced a broadcast schedules issue.

On May 9, the South Korean adaptation of the American hit series, Jane the Virgin, premiered. Woori The Virgin has been enjoying the spotlight weeks after it first aired, causing Im Soo Hyang to receive more love and support.

Her other drama, Doctor Lawyer, is set for a May 27 release.

Before it arrives, Im Soo Hyang proudly talked about it and discussed why it is unique.

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Im Soo Hyang Shares Doctor Lawyer’s Unique Points

Doctor Lawyer explores the life of a genius surgeon who becomes a medical malpractice lawyer following a surgery that costs everything he has. He meets a prosecutor who loses her lover and only family in the rigged procedure.

They work together to bring justice and highlight the importance of a person’s life regardless of status.

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In a new interview, the actress talked about the drama more and applauded Doctor Lawyer’s uniqueness compared to her other projects.

According to Im Soo Hyang, fans should look forward to it as the K-drama is a multi-genre created to tackle medical and legal topics.

“The professional career of a prosecutor from the Medical Crimes Department was new, and I was looking forward to meeting the viewers with a character that was 180 degrees different from my previous projects, so I decided to star in [‘Doctor Lawyer’],” she said.

Because of that uniqueness, she believed she could finally show different kinds of entertainment to fans.

Im Soo Hyang Praises Character, Geum Seok Young

In the drama, Im Soo Hyang plays the role of prosecutor Geum Seok Young. She has a strong belief that criminals should be rehabilitated through punishment instead of leniency.

She is also eager to defend innocent defendants.

Per the actress, Geum Seok Young is a three-dimensional figure who looks cold-hearted whenever she is inside the courtroom. But once people know her, they will realize that she is more kindhearted than anyone else.

“As a self-proclaimed sister who is a ‘fool for her younger sibling,’ she has ambitions to raise them well on the behalf of their parents, who died in an accident. However, the happiest moment will become her most unfortunate moment, and her life will change. I think it will be fun to watch Geum Seok Young darkening due to these incidents,” she went on.

Im Soo Hyang’s Doctor Lawyer will arrive on June 3.


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