Im Soo Hyang New K-Drama Starting Today, We To Push Through Its May Premiere Despite Schedule Conflict

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Credit: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Im Soo Hyang will be seen in two dramas simultaneously as SBS’s Starting Today, We and MBC’s Dr. Lawyer will arrive in the same month.

This month, both MBC and SBS spoke publicly about the impending conflict in the schedule of their K-dramas featuring Im Soo Hyang. The Jane the Virgin remake was scheduled in May despite the fact that MBC already planned to air Dr. Lawyer on May 27.

Despite that, SBS maintained its decision and released a new statement regarding the schedule overlap.

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SBS To Push Jane the Virgin Remake For May Release

This week, a representative for SBS responded to JTBC’s report about the networks’ conflict, saying that Im Soo Hyang’s drama in their network would not cause any problem in terms of schedule.

“As the days of the week and time slots in which the drama will air are different and because the subject matter of the two dramas is completely different as well, we do not think there will be any problems,” the network said.

It contradicted MBC’s statement about the issue, saying that SBS’s decision to go for a May release is a breach of business ethics.

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MBC’s Dr. Lawyer, which also stars So Ji Sub, tells the story of a genius surgeon who becomes a medical malpractice lawyer following a procedure that killed a patient. A prosecutor also loses her only family and lover during the same procedure. It is scheduled to be released on May 27.

Meanwhile, Starting Today, We will premiere on May 9, and it serves as the Korean remake of the famous American show Jane the Virgin.

MBC Warns SBS of Potential Damages Due to Their Recent Move

Before SBS finalized Starting Today, We’s release date, MBC has since warned the company that releasing Im Soo Hyang’s drama at the same time would cause damage to both series.

“Not even mentioning the obvious damage that would be suffered by ‘Dr. Lawyer,’ SBS would also suffer damages in terms of promotion and marketing [for ‘Starting Today, We’], so it is extremely unclear what they hope to achieve by doing this,” continued MBC. “The advertisers, sponsors, and viewers will all be confused,” it said.

SBS originally scheduled Starting Today, We for an April 11 schedule to replace A Business Proposal.

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