Kim Sejeong Speaks About Gaining Korea's Emma Stone Nickname After A Business Proposal + Reveals She's Fan of Hollywood Actress

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Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Sejeong broke the barriers in the acting industry when she landed on Shin Ha Ri and Shin Geum Hee’s role in A Business Proposal.

After a long wait, A Business Proposal offered a storyline that everyone fell in love with. The webtoon-based drama introduced Kim Sejeong’s characters, Shin Ha Ri and Shin Geum Hee, to the viewers. She is an office employee who goes on a blind date in place of her best friend and chaebol heiress, Seol In Ah’s Jin Young Seo.

Among the scenes in the drama, the part where Kim Sejeong showed off her acting skills during the blind date scene with Ahn Hyo Seop’s Kang Tae Moo made her earn the nickname Korea’s Emma Stone.

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Kim Sejeong Reveals She’s a Fan of Emma Stone

Following the final episode of A Business Proposal, Kim Sejeong shared her thoughts about becoming the country’s very own Emma Stone.

According to the actress, she felt thankful and pressured upon receiving the title.

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“I felt two different emotions. First, I was so thankful. Since it was an important scene, I had to catch the attention of many people, and in Geum Hee’s first scene, I had to convince viewers. It couldn’t just be funny and Ha Ri couldn’t just appear funny. Thankfully, I think [viewers] were convinced, so it’s a scene I’m thankful for,” she said.

Kim Sejeong noted that she heard in the past that she and Emma Stone are similar. Thus, she is very thankful to be compared to a Hollywood actress. On top of that, she confessed that she is a fan of the Cruella star, making her portrayal of Shin Ha Ri’s role more special.

Kim Sejeong To Show More of Her Emma Stone Side

Before A Business Proposal reached its end, Kim Sejeong has already been tapped to lead Today’s Webtoon alongside Nam Yoon Su. It will serve as the Korean adaptation of the famous 2016 Japanese drama, Sleepeeer Hit!, which tells the story of a former judo athlete who starts working in the webtoon editorial department. However, she faces hardships while trying hard to become a true webtoon editor.

With her upcoming project, Kim Sejeong will surely show more of herself that made people call her the country’s Emma Stone.

“I saw the script and I thought that it’d be great if it could become a drama that encourages everyone who is dreaming their ‘second dream.’ There are people who have achieved their dreams and people who haven’t been able to. Even if you achieve your dream, you have to decide on your next dream to live your everyday life,” she said.

Kim Sejeong’s Today’s Webtoon is expected to be released this year.

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