iKON Bobby Assures Fans Nothing Has Changed Ever Since He Got Married, Became a Father

Credit: iKON/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: iKON/YouTube Screenshot

iKON Bobby shared the news last year that hyped and broke fans’ hearts at the same time.

Bobby first confirmed his marriage and his then-fiancée’s pregnancy in a handwritten letter on August 20. Although the developments were sudden, he assured the fans at that time that he would work harder and cause no harm to the boy group.

Only a month later, he welcomed a baby boy who began inspiring him even more.

This time, he delivered another heartfelt message to fans after releasing iKON’s fourth mini-album.

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iKON Bobby Says Nothing Changed in the Past Months

On Tuesday, iKON members appeared at a press conference to promote their new mini-album, Flashback.

During the question and answer, the rapper was asked how his attitude has changed after getting married and welcoming his first child.

"I think of my identity as iKON's Bobby and as the person, Kim Ji Won as separate. As a member of iKON and as artist Bobby, nothing has changed. I am giving my best effort without holding anything back,” he said.

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Although nothing has changed in him, the whole group reportedly went through a dramatic style change through their retro pop title track, But You.

According to Donghyuk, they adapted the new genre for the first time. To complete the experience, they also applied it to the MV and their recording style. He added that fans would surely know the meaning behind Flashback by listening to the album.

In the end, Donghyuk pledged that iKON would continue to work hard to seek and try new styles.

iKON Reveals Next Projects After Album Release

Flashback is consist of six tracks: But You, Dragon, For Reeel?, Gold, Name, and At Ease.

After the promotion, they are set to hold a two-day concert at Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall in southern Seoul. Meanwhile, iKON is also set to have six concerts in Japan in July as part of their iKON Japan Tour 2022.

YG Entertainment confirmed that the tour would begin at the World Memorial Hall in Kobe, Japan, from July 2 to 3. The remaining dates would be held at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

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