STRAY KIDS Hyunjin's Grandfather Dead, JYP Entertainment Confirms

Credit: STRAY KIDS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: STRAY KIDS/YouTube Screenshot

STRAY KIDS member Hyunjin is dealing with a painful time in his life after the death of his grandfather.

Hyunjin and his co-members were scheduled to appear together in the NACIFIC's Stray Kids Video Call Date Part.2 on Tuesday. However, the group's agency shared a new statement regarding Hyunjin's grandfather.

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Hyunjin's Grandfather Died

Ahead of the NACIFIC event, JYP Entertainment revealed in a statement that the STRAY KIDS member would not participate after his grandfather passed away.

"Stray Kids member Hyunjin's maternal grandfather has passed away. Consequently, Hyunjin will not be attending 'NACIFIC's 'Stray Kids Video Call Date Part.2' scheduled for today (10/4). We ask for the kind understanding of STAY, and please send Hyunjin warm words of consolation. Rest in peace," the statement reads, as quoted by AllKpop.

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Details about the grandfather's funeral remain unknown to the public. Hyunjin and his family are also yet to release a statement to address the sudden loss.

Meanwhile, JYP did not reveal the grandfather's cause of death. But fans all over the globe sent heartfelt messages to the bereaved loved ones.

Before the recent news, there was a rumor circulated that claimed that Hyunjin's grandfather died in August. At that time, fans criticized the online user who shared the fake news and told them not to spread misinformation.

STRAY KIDS Comeback Schedule

JYP Entertainment did not disclose what Hyunjin's status would be amid the trying times in his and his family's lives. But STRAY KIDS is about to mark its return on October 7 with the EP, Maxident.

According to Forbes, the album saw more than 2.24 million in physical stock pre-orders, making it one of the sought-after Korean albums following BTS's Map of the Soul: Persona and "Map of the Soul: 7" which garnered 3 million and 4 million pre-orders, respectively.

Hyunjin debuted with STRAY KIDS in 2017 after the trainees became part of a reality show of the same name.

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