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HyunA Diet 2022: Here's How Red Hitmaker Lost Weight

Credit: HYUNA/YouTube Screenshot

HyunA can literally do anything as an idol.

After going through a lot in the entertainment industry, HyunA found her fame after becoming a soloist. She initially debuted as a member of Wonder Girls in 2007 before leaving the group to join Cube Entertainment's 4Minute in 2009.

From there, she and her then-members created one of the most popular girl groups in South Korea. She found more fortune when she made her solo debut and began collaborating with other artists. Following 4Minutes' disbandment in 2016, she pursued her solo career and expanded it even more.

But aside from being an all-rounder, HyunA tends to make people turn their heads at her because of her commendable physique.

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HyunA Diet 2022

HyunA previously made fans worry as her weight went as low as 43kg. She revealed that she only consumed a little meal portion, restricting herself from eating too much. Fortunately, she changed her diet and now allows herself to be in the 44kg to 48kg range.

The K-pop idol avoids food made with flour, and she can easily follow it since flour-based foods in South Korea is truly rare. In addition, she also says no to junk food and anything that is processed.

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Though she still restricts herself from eating a large portion of foods, she ensures she still gets enough nutrients by adding fruits and vegetables to her meals. In 2020, she showed a sample meal she usually consumes, displaying a tiny carton of brown rice, vegetables, and two sausages.

HyunA shows how she keeps her meal potion sizes as small as possible through online posts, and her diet already inspired many fans so they could have a body like hers, too.

HyunA Dedicates Herself to Workout Routine

The K-pop idol does not fully depend her weight loss journey in cutting down her food intake, as she dedicates most of her time working out when her schedule allows her to do so.

In order to keep her body fit, HyunA maintains an active lifestyle to burn as much fat as she can. For instance, she uses the stairs instead of taking the elevator. She also finds time to play badminton as part of her cardio exercise.

Her regular dance practices also allow her to burn fat and calories.

With this strict lifestyle, it is no longer surprising that she has the body young women want to have.

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