Super Junior Kyuhyun Reveals Biggest Changes After Debuting in Entertainment Industry As Soloist

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Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Super Junior Kyuhyun already found success as a member of SM Entertainment's boy group, but he only noticed some changes in his life following his solo debut.

Kyuhyun was not initially part of Super Junior 05 – the SM Entertainment's first-generation 12-member rotational boy band. But in 2006, he became the 13th member after Super Junior permanently debuted as a boy group.

After their debut, the same boy group gave birth to sub-units where Kyuhyun also became part of. As the demand for solo idol artists rose, he eventually became Super Junior's first member to pursue solo activities eight years after the group's arrival.

But compared with performing with his co-members, Kyuhyun reportedly noticed some changes only after his solo debut.

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Super Junior Kyuhyun Talks About Changes After Going Solo

On Tuesday, Super Junior Kyuhyun appeared in an online press conference as part of the promotion of his fourth solo mini-album Love Story (4 Season Project 季). It serves as the final mini-album of the K-pop idol's PROJECT : 季" ("PROJECT : Season"), where he dropped a new song every season between July 2020 and January 2020.

During the event, he celebrated his ninth year as a soloist and 18th year as a member of Super Junior. According to him, he initially wanted to become someone who sings as he enjoyed singing. However, having a solo album made him realize that he is indeed "allowed to sing."

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However, he reportedly saw some changes soon after starting his solo career.

"Unlike the beginning, I think my mind has changed to think that I now have to satisfy someone and convey more of a message. At times I wonder whether this is what it's like to become a pro, but then it feels like my innocent passion for music has changed from when I was young and naïve. I feel sad about that but I also think that's how you grow," he explained.

For this year, he expressed how he wants to work a little and give himself a break instead. Though he already showed a lot of himself on stage, he aims to show more of him by communicating more.

Kyuhyun Says Working on Seasonal Project Was Never Easy

Kyuhyun said in the online press conference that he felt like he was copying Monthly Yoon Jong Shin because of his project. He had been wanted to do a seasonal project like what he already did, but he said it was not easy to do so.

Per the idol, he works without thinking how much he wants to do well. However, it is not easy for him to do so.

"Honestly, I started this too without any big desires so there wasn't a lot of promotion, but I can't help but look at the charts. There are no album sales or performances so that's regretful. While [Yoon Jong Shin] has secured his place, I'm not too sure about myself. That's why I felt quite regretful.

Kyuhyun already released the music video for Love Story. Watch the clip here.

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