Military Prosecutor Doberman: Jo Bo Ah, Ahn Bo Hyun, and More Participate in Drama's First Script Reading

Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Military Prosecutor Doberman is now a few steps away from its premiere.

Starting February, tvN viewers will enjoy another series by airing Military Prosecutor Doberman every Monday and Tuesday.

The series revolves around the lives of Ahn Bo Hyun's Do Bae Man and Jo Bo Ah's Cha Woo In. The characters are both military prosecutors who have different goals in life.

Aside from the two Korean stars, several award-winning actors and actresses also joined the cast members' list, including Oh Yeon Soo, Kim Young Min, Kim Woo Suk, Kang Young Seok, Jo Hye Won, Park Sang Nam, Lee Tae Hyung, and Nam Kyung Eup.

Before the series officially arrives, the cast held its first-ever script reading, and they all showed their exemplary skills in acting.

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Military Prosecutor Doberman's Cast Members At Script Reading

Before the official script reading, director Jin Chang Gyu expressed his happiness while working with "amazing" cast members. He then hinted that he wanted to try making a different action drama through the series.

After his first message, the reading took place and allowed the actors and actresses show what they got.

Ahn Bo Hyun plays the role of Do Bae Man, a military prosecutor who wants to escape his career in the military already. After reading his part, the actor received praises for perfectly showing Do Bae Man's gaze and gestures that made his lines more intense.

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"In the drama, Bae Man has a lot of tenacity. Although it seems like he doesn't know a lot about justice, he's very just. He is a charming character who firmly goes by the book," he said.

Meanwhile, Jo Bo Ah sported a short hairstyle as she breathed life to Cha Woo In. Her character is a military prosecutor – like Do Bae Man – who seeks revenge while showing off her investigation skills. She stated, "[Cha Woo In] can be described as a strong person who passes the bar exam with a goal and enters the military as a military prosecutor."

Military Prosecutor Doberman's Cast, Producers Already Clicked During Reading

Although the cast members and staff already showed their unity during the reading, they showed closer relationships after the gathering.

Ahn Bo Hyun himself wants to start filming already after seeing the script and meeting the actors and staff. Jo Bo Ah, on the other hand, revealed that they would start filming next week already.

Military Prosecutor Doberman's producers also sent their positive responses after meeting the lead stars, saying that they already got good chemistry as if they already met before.

"It'll be great if you look forward to the characters' individually fun, charming, and exciting stories. We will do our best to make sure that this current passionate atmosphere will be captured in the drama. Please look forward to the premiere and we ask for lots of interest," they went on.

Military Prosecutor Doberman will air starting February 28.

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