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Hyun Bin Reveals Rough-Looking Side In New Movie’s Teaser

Credit: KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

Fans are about to see a different Hyun Bin in his new movie, The Point Men. Son Ye Jin’s husband sports a rugged look this time, hinting at how intense and action-packed the 2023 film will be.

In the newly released teaser photos and video, Hyun Bin looks way different from the K-drama stars have been used to seeing before. He now has facial hair and is tough looking in his ragged clothes.

Hyun Bin’s New Look

The Point Men follows the story of a Korean diplomat sent to Afghanistan after the Taliban took hostage a group of South Korean tourists.

Here, Hyun Bin will play the role of Park Dae Sik, a NIS agent specializing in the Middle East and Central Asia. He’s tasked to mediate a hostage-taking negotiation amid handling and trying to get past his own trauma.

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So, will Park Dae Sik succeed?

Aside from the movie’s incredible plotline, fans can’t help but notice Hyun Bin’s major transformation to play his new role. From his clean-cut image, he now has an unkempt full beard and a rough look that no one has ever seen.

Surely, the Crash Landing on You star’s followers will watch out for this film.

What is Hyun Bin’s Character’s Trauma in The Point Men

Park Dae Sik left South Korea long ago but still lives with the trauma of being unable to save the hostages in the past during a situation in Iraq.

He feels like his superiors are only using him, making him want to quit his job after learning of the hostage crisis in Afghanistan.

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He then decides to put his feelings aside and make his way to Afghanistan to save his fellow South Korean.

From there, he will face the diplomat Jung Jae Ho (Hwang Jung Min, a negotiation expert, who follows many principles and procedures before saving lives.

By the looks of it, every inch of this movie will be intense that fans need to see.

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“I tried to portray the pain of the character fighting past traumas, the urgency of the operation, and his rough background in layers to make it more appealing,” Hyun Bin said about his character, per Soompi.

The Point Men will be out in theaters on January 18.

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