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BTS’s RM Reveals Intriguing Lovers’ Dedication that Results in Dating Rumors

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Rumors have it that BTS’s RM is dating someone named Sooyeon after posting a picture with their names together on Instagram. So, is it true?

RM dropped his first solo album, Indigo, earlier this month, and one of his songs, “Change Pt. 2,” lyrics are about a failed relationship, adding more fuel to the fire. So, is he in love or brokenhearted?

The Brokenhearted RM

The song reflects the perspective of a brokenhearted man, with the lyrics, “I can’t believe I loved you once. Fool me once, then fool me twice. Shame on you, yeah, shame on me.”

Of course, concerned fans started to analyze the song's meaning and find the alleged ex the idol was referring to.

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RM has been speaking about dating a number of times, including in the song “Change Pt. 2.” He, too, has been embroiled in several dating rumors in the past, with some claiming he has been married in secret, while others say he has a boyfriend.

However, this post makes fans think he’s back in the dating game.

RM Loves Sooyeon

RM recently updated his Instagram with things he had seen lately.

It features several art pieces from museums, like a graffiti wall photo.

In the middle of the faded and rusted writing was his name and so-called Sooyeon, read as “Namjoon [heart] Sooyeon,” in hangul.

As the image seems to be a lovers’ dedication, fans can’t help but think that he’s probably dating, per Koreaboo.

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However, the dedication in question was dated 2017, and there were several writings on the graffiti wall about BTS.

That said, there are theories that it was written by a fan back then, and Sooyeon might be a member of the ARMY. RM probably thought it was cute, so he shared it.

RM on Marriage

Meanwhile, RM talked about marriage on the recent episode of The Mysterious Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge, which he currently hosts.

The 28-year-old revealed he’s scared about it due to the “very long promise of eternity and togetherness to one person,” and he’s not even sure if it’s meant for him, SportsKeeda noted.

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He also said that he thought marriage was inevitable and everyone should go through it when he was young. However, the RM now knows better and even says he may not marry.

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