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Hyun Bin Discusses Reunion with Yoo Hae Jin, Girls' Generation's YoonA in Upcoming Confidential Assignment 2: International

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Hyun Bin attends Confidential Assignment 2: International's press conference with Yoo Hae Jin and Girls' Generation's YoonA to discuss their reunion in the upcoming movie.

Hyun Bin reunites with Yoo Hae Jin for Confidential Assignment 2: International after doing the first film in 2017. So, what do these two have to offer this time?

Confidential Assignment 2: International Plot

Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin reprise their roles as North Korean and South Korean detectives Rim Chul Ryung and Kang Jin Tae. The two will investigate a brutal and secret criminal organization with the FBI detective Jack (Daniel Henney).

The three will face the villain Jang Myung Joon (Jin Sun Kyu), the leader of the criminal organization that's wreaking havoc all over the world.

Fans will also see YoonA playing the role of Park Min Young, Kang Jin Tae's sister-in-law.

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Hyun Bin, Other Stars on Working on Confidential Assignment 2: International

As detailed by Soompi, Hyun Bin admitted he liked doing the movie. When he heard a sequel awas coming, he thought it would be great if he could do it with the original cast.

"While we were comfortable, I also think our synergy was doubled," he continued.

Yoo Hae Jin, alternatively, revealed he was excited to see everyone again after the first film's success.

In addition, YoonA revealed it was the first time she saw everyone again after the first movie.

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"It was so nice [to see everyone], and I felt really familiar. I was able to film even more comfortably," she said.

She then explained the growth of her character in Confidential Assignment 2: International after being persecuted in the original movie for being unemployed.

"She's now found a job as a beauty YouTuber. She also develops conflicting thoughts when she starts giving Jack the feelings she had for Chul Ryung," she added. "I think that happens with anyone in front of her."

Lastly, Jin Sun Kyu expected to see a good portrayal of his physical transformation as the villain.

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"I honestly felt really happy. I showed my wife because it was such a different image and she said, 'Honey, what kind of role? Choco Boy role?'" he said, referencing a mushroom-shaped snack to describe his hairstyle. "I thought she would say I looked cool, but she said I resembled Choco Boy."

Confidential Assignment 2: International Release Date

Confidential Assignment 2: International is Hyun Bin's first movie project after tying the knot with Son Ye Jin in March. The two are now expecting their first baby together.

Confidential Assignment 2: International will be out on September 7.

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