Who is the Strongest Character in Hunter x Hunter?

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Hunter x Hunter introduced anime fans to a world where elite members of humanity called Hunters track down individuals, rare beasts, and treasures. They have the access to various locations that normal citizens cannot go to. Hunters can control their Nen as well to improve their abilities and win against enemies.

The story follows Gon who is in search of his father who happened to be a well-known hunter. In his journey, he came across various hunters with amazing abilities. He encountered average hunters and very powerful ones that almost killed him. But throughout the series, who is the strongest character in Hunter x Hunter?

Who is the Strongest Character in Hunter x Hunter?

Who is the Strongest Character in Hunter x Hunter? 1
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As mentioned, there are a lot of strong characters introduced in the story like Meruem, Netero, and Pitou, among others. All of these characters have unique abilities that make them strong. But if we will compare the strengths and weaknesses of these characters, it is without a doubt that adult Gon is the strongest character in Hunter x Hunter.


During the Chimera Ant Arc, Gon knew that he is no match against his enemies. He then decided that he needed to sacrifice his potential to achieve an older version of him after training for years and decades. This version of Gon already reached his peak physical and nen abilities, making him the strongest character ever introduced in the series. The transformation also showed that Gon now has more aura reserves and outputs, which makes him undefeatable.

Anime fans only saw a glimpse of this transformation, and it has shown that this version of Gon can defeat Pitou instantly. She even believed that Gon can defeat Mereum in this state. By the time Gon reaches this age in real-time, Netero might be older and somehow weaker which will certainly make this future Gon stronger than any character in the series.

While there are more questions left unanswered regarding this version of Gon, fans will have to wait and see what his abilities will be when he reaches this age and time. It has been a while since the manga and anime were updated so it will take a while before fans know the answer.

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