Hulk Smashes The Marvel Universe Again In World War Hulk 2

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Amadeus Cho has been the Hulk for some time now, but he's been losing control of his alter ego recently, something he's always been afraid of doing. It turns out that won't be ending well for Cho or Earth, as the character will be returning from Sakaar, but with his Hulk form in the driver's seat. This is World War Hulk 2 and things won't be the same for Cho again.

Marvel announced the story will take place after the Return to Planet Hulk arc, making it very similar to the original World War Hulk. The new arc will be written by series regular Greg Pak, who also wrote the original tale, with Carlo Barberi illustrating the story.


(Marvel Comics)

Here is the plot synopsis from Executive Editor and SVP Tom Brevoort:

"To survive on the savage world of Sakaar, Amadeus Cho was forced to unleash his darkest impulses! Returning to Earth, now the Hulk is at the wheel—and it's a more unpredictable, more unconquerable Hulk than any we've seen before! The heroes of the Marvel Universe must intercede as the Formerly Awesome Hulk begins to carve his own path across the world."

The company also teased showdowns with Black Panther and his Champions teammates, which will be sad to see. Marvel is also teasing the "final fate of Amadeus Cho," which sounds pretty ominous. With the original Hulk, Bruce Banner, coming back in the pages of Avengers: No Surrender, things might not be looking too good for Cho.


World War Hulk 2 kicks off in Incredible Hulk #714, which hits shelves in March 2018.

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