Avengers: No Surrender Resurrects Classic Marvel Character

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Avengers will be going weekly in January with Avengers #675, which starts the highly anticipated No Surrender event. Marvel had promised that the story would bring in plenty of characters from the prolific history of the super-powered team and we now know one of them. Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso released a promotional image of the event on Twitter and it basically confirms the return of a classic hero: The Hulk.

While Amadeus Cho, the current Hulk, is currently taking part in the Return to Planet Hulk story, it looks like Bruce Banner will finally be making his return. Banner's gamma rays were absorbed by Amadeus Cho sometime after Secret Wars, essentially removing The Hulk from the scientist's body. Things seemed to be going great for Banner until Civil War II, where he was killed by Hawkeye who was scared that a vision of Hulk killing everyone would come true.

However, for a dead character, Bruce has been pretty active recently. Fans last saw him in the controversial Secret Empire storyline, briefly revived by Steve Rogers so that he could have a weapon against the resistance. Banner hasn't been seen since, but it looks like that will change with Avengers: No Surrender.

Avengers: No Surrender starts with Avengers #675 in January and will be weekly. Hulk will return to the series in March, so that should be the fourth or fifth part of the story.

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