Incredible Hulk #711 Has A Unique Take On 'Thor Ragnarok'

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Marvel has really gone all out for the promotion of Thor: Ragnarok, which isn't too surprising. Aside from various trailers, we are also getting comics like Thor vs Hulk: Champions of the Universe, which has the two competing in various challenges to get the honor of facing a new cosmic entity. Now it seems like Marvel Legacy is getting in on the action, as Greg Pak and Greg Land's Incredible Hulk #711 will have an interesting take on the MCU film.

Revealed in Marvel's December solicitations, we will see current Amadeus Cho - the current Hulk - take on Odinson, the former Thor, on the savage planet of Sakaar. It's eerily similar to the battle constantly teased for Thor: Ragnarok, though judging from the solicitation, it looks like Odinson will be the savage one. Cho Hulk will have an advantage since Odinson is still unworthy of regaining the power of Thor, but it will still be a hard-fought battle.

(Marvel Comics)

Here is the solicitation for Incredible Hulk #711:

On the savage planet of Sakaar, the last remaining tribes of a dead society fight for dwindling resources… A sequence of ancient trials known as the Gauntlet is the only way to survive! A champion is called to battle: AMADEUS CHO, THE TOTALLY AWESOME HULK! His opponent is a familiar one… WITNESS THE THUNDERING BARBARIAN!!! The ODINSON!

Seeing a new and cocky Hulk take on a disgraced, yet angry Thor should make for some fun comics. Fans shouldn't start with this issue though since it is the third part of Return to Planet Hulk, so they should start with October's Incredible Hulk #709. Those that want a light story not too tied to the main Marvel continuity can check out the aforementioned Thor vs Hulk comic in Comixology, or wait for the inevitable paperback.

Thor: Ragnarok is slated for a November 5 release.

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