Hugh Dancy Casts Doubt on Hannibal Season 4

Credit: NBC

Credit: NBC

There is little doubt that people still have their hopes up for Hannibal Season 4. However, Hugh Dancy may have revealed that the fourth season of the cancelled NBC series might not be happening after all.

Hugh Dancy Gets Real on Hannibal Season 4 Getting The Green Light

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Credit: NBC

Hugh Dancy spoke to Collider about the possibility of Hannibal Season 4 moving forward. The Black Hawk Down star pointed out that the cast and crew are ready if the fourth season finally gets announced.

“We keep saying, when we get asked, 'Oh, we’d love to do it,' which is true. Maybe it’ll take one of us to say, 'I will absolutely never do a fourth season of Hannibal,' but that would be a lie,” he said.

But why is it taking so long for the series to get picked up? Dancy stated that it's not that easy to produce a show these days.

“I’m not exactly surprised because essentially, first and foremost, somebody has to write a fairly sizable check,” he said.

“I’m not talking about me being paid,” Dancy continued. “I’m talking about the cost of making a season of television.”

“For a while, it seemed like the streamers were gonna be everybody’s savior, in that respect, but now there’s been a cutoff there,” he added.

“There are shows that are watched by millions of people that don’t make it past a second season. So, I have no idea what that calculation is,” Dancy concluded.

It certainly makes sense considering that Netflix alone has cancelled several shows despite strong fan reactions. Moreover, the other streamers have not yet picked up Hannibal Season 4.

For now, the fourth season of Hannibal has not yet been announced. Nevertheless, fans continue to hope that the series gets another season to provide a satisfying conclusion for Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

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