Hannibal Season 4: Hugh Dancy Reveals Reason the Show Can’t Continue

Credit: IGN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: IGN/YouTube Screenshot

It has been over seven years since Hannibal ended, and many still hope to see the show’s continuation with Hannibal Season 4. NBC hasn’t renewed the series, and Hugh Dancy wasn’t surprised that the show didn’t continue.

Dubbed one of the best psychological horror shows of today, Hannibal became one of the most famous and fan-favorites. Many commended Mads Mikkelsen for his incredible take on the role of Hannibal and Dancy as Will Graham. However, the Hannibal Season 4 cancellation doesn’t surprise the latter at all.

Hugh Dancy Discusses Hannibal Season 4 Cancellation

In an interview with Collider, Dancy revealed that though he was more than willing to reprise his role for another season, he understood the show couldn’t continue despite its massive success.

“I’m not exactly surprised because essentially, first and foremost, somebody has to write a fairly sizable check. I’m not talking about me being paid. I’m talking about the cost of making a season of television,” he said.

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“For a while, it seemed like the streamers were gonna be everybody’s savior, in that respect, but now there’s been a cutoff there,” he explained. “There are shows that are watched by millions of people that don’t make it past a second season. So, I have no idea what that calculation is.”’

The third season ended with Hannibal and Will coming together. The two would be starting to work together as a pair of killers.

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However, the show didn’t get the chance to explore that story after the Hannibal Season 4 cancellation.

The Calls for Hannibal Season 4

In June 2022, fans started an online petition, which came to the series creator Bryan Fuller’s attention. He quickly retweeted the call and asked his followers to sign it.

The petition argued that it was the right time for the show to return after the revival of Dexter.

“Now, with more streaming services and openly LGBTQ+ media being produced, finding the right home for Hannibal‘s continuation is right around the corner,” it read.

As of this writing, the petition has over 34,000 signatures.

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However, according to Den of Geek, streaming services may be hesitant to pick up Hannibal Season 4 for several reasons. For once, the show hasn’t had a large audience, especially during its third season.

Also, there’s an issue about the adaptation rights for Thomas Harris’ novels, and Fuller doesn’t have legal permission to adapt his most famous story, The Silence of the Lambs.

Though the creator and his collaborators based the TV adaptation on Jonathan Demme’s 1991 movie, Clarice Starling’s character cannot appear in any form.

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