How Mark Hamill Made This Cancer-Stricken Star Wars Fan’s Day Perfect, and Ours Too

Mark Hamill is probably one of the coolest and nicest guys in Hollywood today. Not only does he make fans happy with his acting, exceptional staring skills, and trolling on Twitter, he's also been seen most times going out of his busy schedule to visit children's hospitals. And his most recent effort in making a cancer-stricken fan happy certainly deserves some attention.

While filming Star Wars: Episode VIII in Ireland, the 64-year-old actor went to and hung out with a teenager suffering from cancer, and needless to say, Hamill changed the kid's world.

Jamie Harkin, 17, is a huge Star Wars fan from Northern Ireland who's been battling Hodgkins Lymphoma since 2011. While Jamie beat the disease twice already since being diagnosed, he has become seriously ill again when this year began. Knowing that Episode VIII is filming in Ireland and that her son is a big fan of the franchise, Jamie's mom decided to launch an appeal via social media to attempt to get the cast to visit her son.

Well, her request was granted by none other than the Luke Skywalker actor himself.

Jamie has now posted about his whole experience on Facebook, and as expected, it is very much tugging at our heartstrings.

A few lines from what he posted is enough to get us to grab our tissues:

People say that you should never meet your idols, because you build them up in your head so much that when you do meet them, they are a let down, and to that, I say, 'You're wrong.' Mark was everything I ever imagined him to be and then some.
...I know how much of a logistical nightmare this must have been! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, everyone, especially Mark and his publicist, Stacy. Today has been a dream come true for me since I was six, and to finally see it come true is incredible. Thank you all so much, and may the Force be with you all.

Take a look at the post:

Hamill stayed with Jamie for about an hour and a half and simply had a good chat with the boy and his family.

While it appeared anything but a casual visit, what makes the experience more memorable is Hamill appeared as full on Mark Hamill and not as everyone sees him on the big screen. This is what made the experience real personal and extra special.

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