How Does Hunter x Hunter’s Nen Work?

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How Does Hunter X Hunter’s Nen Work?

In Hunter x Hunter, Nen was introduced. It is a technique used that allows an individual to manipulate his or her energy or aura. Some anime viewers might consider it the same as chakra or cursed energy but how does Nen work? Why is it so important?

In the series, it has been emphasized that a person who can utilize Nen is called a Nen user while those who cannot use it are called non-user or ordinary people.

Nen is known for its dangerous power, which makes sense why it was hidden from the general public. Only those who were trained to use it were aware of its capabilities.

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How Does Hunter x Hunter’s Nen Work?

How Does Nen Work in Hunter x Hunter?
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Before we get to understand how Nen works, it is important to know about Aura first. Aura is the life energy that all living bodies have in order to survive. It flows in different parts of our body and can create a huge mass of energy.


Aura leaks through pores or aura nodes. If the node is fully opened, the person can feel exhausted as all of his or her aura will leak away. This is why closing or controlling your aura is essential.

This is where learning Nen comes in. A student who learns Nen can close and open their aura nodes at will. They can even control the flow of their aura.

Other than controlling the flow, Nen users can actually master the use of Nen. Studying Nen can give the user more ways to manipulate it and discover different techniques to maximize its power. Each person’s capacity to master Nen varies. The progression doesn’t indicate Nen’s power at all.

However, it doesn’t mean that every person has an equal Nen. The power will still depend on several factors including family and training. Nen is not only about controlling the energy from the body.

One of its properties involves emotions. The more emotions and desires a user has, the higher chance he or she can improve his or her Nen.

Even when the user dies, if he or she has a strong grudge, his or her Nen can look for another object to transfer itself into and cling to it, making it a curse.

Mastering Nen can also give the user the ability to track people as well as to detect sounds and scents. Another notable feature of Nen is that it can alter a person’s appearance.

Nen is a complex technique that needs training to perfectly master. But one thing’s for sure, users who became experts on controlling their Nen are the most powerful ones in the Hunter x Hunter universe.

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