How Did C.C. Restore Lelouch's Memory in Code Geass?

How Did CC Restore Lelouch's Memory in Code Geass
Credit: Sunrise

How Did CC Restore Lelouch's Memory in Code Geass
Credit: Sunrise

Code Geass R1 ended on a wild cliffhanger, and the start of the second season mixed things up even more by erasing all the main events from most characters' memories. But how did Lelouch regain his memories in time for more strategizing? Below, we explain the best theories on how C.C. restored Lelouch's memories in Code Geass.

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How Did Lelouch Lose His Memories in the First Place?

How Did CC Restore Lelouch's Memory in Code Geass 1
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Credit: Sunrise

Lelouch begins Season 2 with no memories of his Geass or of his sister, Nunnally, because his father, Emperor Charles zi Britannia, rewrote his memories.

Towards the end of Code Geass R1, just as Lelouch was able to strike a deal with his half-sister, Princess Euphemia, to improve the living conditions of the Japanese people, he lost control of his Geass.

In doing so, he accidentally commanded Euphemia to kill the Japanese people who were present, leading to a massacre that ruled out any possibility of peace and forced Lelouch to kill Euphemia.

While Lelouch only killed his half-sister to stop the massacre he had unwittingly caused, the people hailed Zero as a hero, as they believed that Euphemia's plan was always to murder the Japanese.

How Did Lelouch Lose His Memories in the First Place Euphemia
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Credit: Sunrise

Lelouch uses this opportunity to announce the United States of Japan, but his new plans are thwarted when he finds out that Nunally has been kidnapped.

After many misadventures, Suzaku finds out about Lelouch's Zero alias and the two seem to shoot each other.

However, in Season 2, Lelouch turns out to be alive and well, with no memories of the past year or his identity as Zero.

By the end of R2's first episode, C.C. has managed to restore Lelouch's memory and help Zero return with a vengeance. But how exactly did she do it?

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So, How Did C.C. Restore Lelouch's Memories?

How Did CC Restore Lelouch's Memory in Code Geass CC
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Credit: Sunrise

While Code Geass doesn't outright explain how C.C. brought back Lelouch's memories, there's a strong implication that she restored his memories with a kiss. However, this might seem a bit confusing, especially since this isn't an established and known power of hers.

C.C. is a capable leader, but she no longer has her past Geass (which gave her the power to be loved by everyone she met).

Instead, after becoming the bearer of the Code of Immortality, she became able to bestow Geass powers upon others.

Gifting the Geass to Lelouch means that they're inextricably connected.

The anime doesn't specify whether this connection allows C.C. to access, alter, or restore Lelouch's memories, but nor is this idea denied.

How C.C.'s Kiss Might've Restored Lelouch's Memories

Lelouch and CC Kiss Code Geass
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When rewatching the fantasy anime, one is bound to notice that Lelouch and C.C. only kiss twice; once in the last episode of R1, before Lelouch loses his memories, and once in Episode 1 of R2, which seems to restore his memory.

While those who ship Lelouch and C.C. together will want to believe there was genuine sentiment here (and it's very likely that this is true as well), the kisses might also have a practical function.

The implication seems to be that the first time C.C. kisses Lelouch, she saves his memories.

Lelouch Memory Code Geass
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If this is the case, it would make sense for her to return his memories to him in the same way.

This does feel a bit like a stretch, and if one thinks about it too much, one might find it a bit too convenient.

With that being said, Lelouch and C.C. do share a special connection, and this wouldn't be the worst as far as Code Geass plot holes go.

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