House of the Dragon Episode 10 Director Explains Aemond's Mindset in Season Finale

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House of the Dragon Episode 10 has finally revealed just how the Dance of the Dragon started, and it was because of two princes who flew their dragons above Storm's End. But did Aemond Targaryen truly intend to kill Lucerys Velaryon? Episode 10 director Greg Yaitanes shared his take on Aemond's mindset during the chase over Shipbreaker Bay in the season finale.

In House of the Dragon Episode 10, Lucerys Velaryon was sent to Storm’s End to call on Lord Borros Baratheon to support Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen. The queen had decided for Luke to take this route since it was closer and she believed that her son will be safe with House Baratheon. However, this proved to be a huge mistake as Aemond Targaryen was already with Lord Borros and has secured his support for the Greens.


Aemond once again torments his nephew, demanding an eye for the one he lost but Lord Borros stops the fight. Still, Aemond pursues the fleeing Lucerys and taunts the boy. Unfortunately, it all ends with Vhagar killing Luke and his dragon Arrax, much to Aemond's shock.


To all viewers, it looked like Aemond regretted Luke's death and director Greg Yaitanes confirms this.

"I think if we stayed with him for the flight back to King's Landing, he would be processing all of this. I think he's in shock. It's putting nukes in the hands of kids. The dragons are weapons of mass destruction. If you liken it to teenagers in a 50s movie playing chicken. 'What did you expect was going to happen?'" Yaitanes told Empire.

Unfortunately for Aemond, Luke's death is going to be more than just an accident. As House of the Dragon Episode 10 concludes, it is clear that Rhaenyra is ready to wage war against the Greens.

House of the Dragon Season 2 has already been confirmed but the show's next chapter has not yet been given an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.


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