Horimiya Season 2 Release Date: What to Expect in the Second Season

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Credit: CloverWorks
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Horimiya is giving all the viewers a nostalgic feeling with the high school romance of two opposites Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. The CloverWorks-produced anime series is based on the manga series of the same name by Hiroki Adachi.


It brings people back to the time when high school romance is bliss and everyone have the rest of their lives ahead. The nostalgia that it gives to people takes each viewer back to good old memories. To those fans who are still in the said phase, it's a preview of what's there to find. In any case, the series is as relatable as it can be.

To add, every episode's tone is perfectly set by the opening song of the series, Color Perfume by Yoh Kamimura which complements the totality of the package in bringing in the musical element to set the light feel of the series.

Horimiya follows the story of two high school students who have an entirely different high school life with Hori being a friendly girl with amazing academic prowess and Miyamura, a gentle loner who has been struggling with academics.

Both are opposites and yet when they meet, they prove that opposites really do attract. Their fate crossed each other on an intimate level – where they can be themselves, where they can bear their hidden sides.


Behind the amiable and intelligent girl in Hori lies a girl who has to act as a second parent to her younger sibling as their parents are mostly away from home due to work, and behind the tattooed, pierced, and the long-haired guy in Miyamura is a gentle person who is haunted by his lonely past.

As Horimiya's story ripens, so does their closeness and relationship. While it is still too early to speculate, there is a good chance that the series will be having a second season despite no confirmation yet as to the production of the sequel.

Once confirmation about the second season happens, this article would be updated with the information needed.


For now, the predictions are in line with the stars as Horimiya Season 2 has a high chance to be renewed for a second season.

The source material, after all, would be enough for a new season for the series. The manga series wherein the animated series is based is still ongoing as it still has chapters waiting to be published. Given the pace of the first season, the series will likely need more time to unfold the brooding love story of Hori and Miyamura.

Also, the series is quickly gaining popularity that in Japan, a live-action series and film has been produced. The English dubbed version of Horimiya has been released as well with the announcement of the voice cast of the series.

Horimiya has been receiving positive feedback and the story continues to unfold with the slow-burn romance between the two main characters. By the time season 1 ends, it would only have covered until Chapter 64 at the most given the cliffhanger in the said chapter.


This is just half of the whole Shōnen manga series and to date, the manga is still ongoing where there are still uncompiled and unpublished chapters. That being said, the source material is enough to have a second season. Here is the possible plot based on the manga that the anime could take on.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Horimiya. Read at your own risk!

Hori and Miyamura celebrate New Year together and decides to ring in at the local shrine. But upon their return, they realize, it is the last term they would be having in high school. They know their precious high school days cannot last forever as graduation day nears which means decisions would have to be made.


Ishikawa, a trustworthy friend of the couple, realizes that he and Yoshikawa could be more than friends as well and he gets stuck on murky waters of friendship and love. Another is the quiet Sakura who's all of a sudden fidgety when it comes to Tohru. Sakura starts to feel the sparks flying.

Given the thought that they would be parted by the end of high school, Hori tells Miyamura that she wants to stay in their relationship. Miramura then asks Hori's hand to marriage.

So, for the second season, you can expect more development in the relationship of Hori and Miyamura as their relationship continues to take it to the next level. Should the anime series take on the mantle of the manga, it will definitely explore more on the deeper relationship of the two.

Horimiya is released weekly via Funimation at 10:30 PM EST/ 12:30 PM JST.


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