Homer Simpson Plays Pokemon Go in The Zoo, Ignores Bart in Simpsons Clip

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You know something has become so big when The Simpsons does a parody of it.

A new clip released by FOX online features Homer with his eyes fixed on his smartphone—instead of watching over Bart and Lisa while there in the dangerous part of the zoo. That’s because he’s catching the supposedly many Pokemon creatures scattered around the zoo in his very own Pokemon Go game.

Seen below, the video is actually redubbed version from an earlier episode. The original video actually has Homer using a Churro Chaser app as he tries to look for the freshest churros nearby.




Still, the “Pokemon Now?” video shows just how far the reach of Pokemon Go has extended. Whether or not The Simpsons will actually feature an episode or two about Pokemon Go in an original new episode remains to be seen.

I can already imagine a Pokemon Go-like event for its tie-in mobile game, The Simpsons Tapped Out. After all, it had its own Clash of Clans-parody event, Clash of Clones—tapping on Pokemon critters in the game would fit very well as a game event.

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