His Dark Materials SDCC Trailer Introduces Iorik Byrnison In Full Armor

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There's yet another trailer for His Dark Materials that debuted at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con and this time, we're seeing more action. In addition to that, there's an awesome glimpse at heavy metal polar bear Iorik Byrnison in his full armor.

The SDCC 2019 trailer opens with an urgent message from Lord Asriel (James McAvoy) telling his associates that there is a war raging with the Magisterium "between those trying to keep us in ignorance and those willing to fight for truth and freedom." He then asks who is willing to join him.

Asriel's trip to the North isn't a welcome idea to his niece Lyra (Dafne Keen), who insists he can't leave. At one point, she probably changes her tune and begs to go with him because he immediately tells her, "The North is no place for a child."

But is it truly safe to leave Lyra with Mrs. Coulter (Ruth Wilson)? It seems like a good idea at first since she promises to teach the young girl how to wield power but things immediately go downhill from there.

There's an interesting Game of Thrones parallel in the trailer as Farder Coram, played by James Cosmo (best remembered as Jeor Mormont) talks about taking children to the North. However, there is little doubt that the most awesome moment in the teaser is Iorik Byrnison's entrance.

The new series is based on Philip Pullman's book trilogy and also stars Lin-Manuel Miranda, Clarke Peters, Will Keen, and Ruta Gedmintas. His Dark Materials has not yet been given a release date but is expected to premiere on HBO this fall.

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