Hill House & Bly Manor Creators Break Silence On Why They Moved From Netflix To Amazon

Haunting of the Hill House and Haunting of the Bly Manor creator Mike Flanagan and his creative partner Trevoy Macy had previously announced that they were officially leaving Netflix to sign a new deal with Amazon. The creators didn’t exactly say the reason behind them taking their leave, just that they have ‘long admired’ Amazon as a studio.

Recently speaking with Deadline, Mike Flanagan explains the reason they moved from Netflix to Amazon Prime. The creator admitted they were open to more options and moving to Amazon happened to be one of them. Check out his comment below:

“I think it’s safe to say that a lot has changed in the industry and Netflix in the four years since we started our deal. So, as this year started and we knew we were coming up to the end of it, we thought it would be very prudent to stick our heads out, look around and see what else may be there for us.”

Flanagan continues on to say how Netflix also had to move forward as time and the industry changed, comparing it to the time when Cindy Holland was heading the streaming site, but then ‘the whole town felt different’ which led to the inevitable of their decision to transfer studios.

“Given how much change everything’s gone through in the last few years, we were feeling like there might be a better fit for us, and we’re very much feeling like Amazon is that.”

Mike Flanagan
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Mike Flanagan

Trevor Macy shares his sentiment on the situation, explaining that Netflix is ‘exploring’ with ‘changes’ that do not fit into their vision anymore as much as it did in their initial encounter.

“We’ve had some success with Netflix, but they’ve had quite a year. And they’re exploring how they’re going to respond to that as a company. We’ve noticed changes in our relationship with them — not all bad, but we’re in a different place, and we felt earlier this year that we should look around for somebody on whose service our stuff might be a better fit.”

It is quite strange how timely the Hill House and Bly Manor’s creators' leave had also matched with Netflix canceling Season 2 of Flanagan’s other series, The Midnight Club. It doesn’t sound right, but it is relieving to see the creators feel more fit in Amazon. They do have a last project on Netflix, which is adapting Edgar Allan Poe’s 1839 short story, The Fall of the House of Usher.

Despite the creators switching studios, both Haunting of the Hill House and Haunting of the Bly Manor are still available to stream on Netflix.

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