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Here’s Why Fans Think Kim Tae Ri is One of the Worst-Mannered Celebrities in South Korea

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Kim Tae Ri has come out as one of the celebrity stars who has the worst manners in South Korea, and netizens list the possible reasons why the Twenty-Five Twenty-One star has won this category.

Kim Tae Ri was voted as one of the celebrities with the worst manners at this year’s 6th Raspberry Film Festival. With her good image in her K-drama series, how does that happen?

Fans Reveal Reasons Why Kim Tae Ri Belongs to South Korean Celebrities with Worst Manners

According to AllKpop, the number one reason the 32-year-old became one of the worst-mannered celebrities is her “rude behavior” during interviews.

A YouTube video, translated by the above-mentioned publication, revealed the reasons behind her controversial attitude.

Allegedly, she once revealed in an interview that she had “cut off the friends” of her elementary school best friend because she wanted no one to play with her pal but her.

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She badmouthed and spread rumors about her best friend behind her back so that no one would befriend her anymore. Despite what she did, they have remained friends, and her friend even relies on her, claiming she had “trained her that way.”

The clip also claimed that Kim Tae Ri stole a film director’s watch because she liked to “steal things.”

She admitted the deed, revealing that the director still didn’t know she did it until today.

Another reason she was dubbed as one of the worst-mannered celebrities is her lack of humility, fearing going out because of the “big wave” of fans.

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She’s also too proud of herself when she says she doesn’t “need to hide anything” and it’s “hard to find someone who dislikes her.

However, some fans come to her defense, saying she’s only misunderstood due to her personality, which is “honest, direct, and sarcastic,” quickly making reporters angry.

The 6th Raspberry Film Festival

The Korean film journalists chose the worst movies, film actors, stars, directors, and film officials with the worst manners for the 6th Raspberry Film Festival.

This festival is the Korean version of the U.S.’s Golden Raspberry Awards or Razzies, which named the worst films and actors in the country.

The Korean newspaper Sports Kyunghyang held a survey among 34 Korean film reporters covering movie releases from December 2021 to November 2022.

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Each voter cast three votes for each category, selecting winners of the worst films, acting, and manners.

Ji An, So Ji Sub, Cho Yi Hyun, and Joo Won are chosen for the worst film acting.

The worst South Korean films for 2022 are Serve the People, Carter, Alienoid, and Ditto.

Lastly, aside from Kim Tae Ri, the stars with the worst manners are Ma Dong Seok and another Twenty-Five Twenty-One star Nam Joo Hyuk.

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