Here’s Why Adrien Brody Badly Wanted To Remain A Part Of Peaky Blinders After Season 4 Stint

Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Peaky Blinders fans probably remember Adrien Brody as the Season 4 antagonist Luca Changretta, but his character got killed after just one season. Given a chance, the actor wanted to be a major part of the series and stayed on the show far longer.

In fact, Brody revealed he tried his best to remain a part of Peaky Blinders, only that his appearance was limited. Here’s what happened.

The Introduction of Adrien Brody to the Peaky Blinders World

Brody’s character was introduced as the fourth season’s antagonist. He played the role of Luca, a mobster from New York with a score to settle with the Shelbys.

He was a huge threat to the group, and his performance was praised by many. In fact, his incredible acting helped the series reach new heights.

Though the show mostly spotlighted Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy), it equally gave a chance to everyone, especially its recurring and guest stars.

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The same could be said of Brody, as his role was specifically written for the actor. With that said, he called his role in Peaky Blinders a dream come true.

It was the character he dreamt of playing. So when the time came that they had to kill his role, he almost begged for him to stay.

The Death of Luca in Peaky Blinders

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly to promote his new movie Blonde, the 49-year-old revealed he almost didn’t want to leave Peaky Blinders after his character died in the hands of Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson).

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“It had room for all of this fun stuff to honor a style in filmmaking and acting that I loved, and a style and character and lore within the foundations of family, mafia, honor, and all these things,” he said about the series.

Thus, he badly wanted to stay in the show and even talked to its writers to find a way for Luca to come back to life.

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“I desperately tried to persuade them to find a way to keep Luca alive to come back for revenge. I really wanted to stay. I did not want to go home,” he added.

Sadly, his character’s time had come, and he had to leave the show. Peaky Blinders, alternatively, officially ended after six seasons.

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