Will There Be a Grey’s Anatomy Spinoff Featuring Japril? Here’s What Jesse Williams, Sarah Drew Have to Say

Credit: ABC/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ABC/YouTube Screenshot

Grey's Anatomy may have spawned several spinoffs. However, fans look forward to seeing the on-screen couple Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) back together in a Japril spinoff.

Drew left the show in 2018, followed by Williams in 2021. At the time, April ended up with Matthew (Justin Bruening), but she was reunited with Jackson off-screen, as confirmed by their kiss when they guest-starred in Grey's Anatomy's 400th episode in May 2022.

The Possibility of Continuing Jackson, April's Story

Despite their reunion, Drew told Deadline that she was hoping their story wouldn't just end there.

"It definitely leaves open the possibility that you might be checking in with them," the Everwood star said. "After the script was released, I had texts flying in from cast and crew asking if I was coming back next year because of how the episode ends."

However, Drew admitted that it wasn't on the table yet, and no one had discussed the matter with her to make it official.

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"But there's a lot of open-ended questions at the end of this episode. I think you'll leave this episode with giant question marks," she continued. "Where do we go from here? How is the hospital going to recover? What is going to happen? What is the next year gonna look like? So I think there are a million questions and a million possibilities."

Is ABC Willing to Give Sarah Drew, Jesse Williams a Grey's Anatomy Spinoff?

Amid the hopes of having a spinoff, the big question will be, is ABC willing to give Drew and Williams their own Grey's Anatomy spinoff?

Thankfully, ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals President Craig Erwich said, via UsWeekly, in May 2021 that they are "always open to any iteration that will serve the show and the fans."

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However, he cleared there were no talks about any spinoff at the time.

What Would the Japril Spinoff Be About?

If ever ABC agrees to do a new Grey's Anatomy spinoff featuring Japri, Williams said it might tell the story of the two's life in Boston as they help the underrepresented communities through the Avery family's foundation.

For starters, Jackson helped deliver April's baby at home amid a strong storm outside when he went there to ask her to go to Boston with him. Matthew wasn't around, and the whole experience made her decide to bring her family to Boston with Jackson.

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"It's a really interesting premise. We would kill it," Williams Insider in June 2021. "I won't say it's not a possibility. I sure as hell won't say that."

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