Here’s When Solo: A Star Wars Story Is Hitting Netflix

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Star Wars fans are in for a treat this month with Solo: A Star Wars Story dropping on Netflix later today. But what time exactly is the Star Wars spinoff making its way to the streaming site?

What's On Netflix has the different release schedules for Solo on Netflix, listing down the availability of the movie on the streaming website based on the different time zones across the US.

According to the publication, Star Wars fans living in the Pacific Standard Time region are going to get the movie at around 12 midnight of January 9, fans living in areas under the Mountain Standard time are getting it at 1 am, fans in the Central Standard Time area are getting it at 2 am, and those in the Eastern Standard time are getting it at 3 in the morning.


Solo Lucasfilm's latest offering, and while the spinoff was considered a box office flop because of its meager earnings, the film did considerably well among fans and critics. The Star Wars spinoff earned a 70 percent Fresh score among critics in Rotten Tomatoes with many calling the film a "flawed yet fun and fast-paced space adventure" from Lucasfilm.

While some would be eager to blame Solo's failings on the backlash from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, one of the major reasons that the Star Wars standalone movie underperformed was because of its poor marketing campaign. Still, despite its financial losses, fans still enjoyed Solo when it hit cinemas.

Solo is the last Star Wars film to make its way to Netflix now that the contract between the streaming giant and Disney has finally come to an end.

Lucasfilm's next offering, Star Wars: Episode IX, hits cinemas December 20, 2019.

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