Here’s What Tom Cruise Could Look Like As Green Lantern

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Yesterday, word came out that A-list action star Tom Cruise was in talks with Warner Brothers to become the DC Extended Universe's new green lantern.

According to the reports that have managed to make their way online, the Mission: Impossible star was the studio's top choice for the role and word has it Cruise would be willing to take on the ring – well, that's if Warner Brothers keeps Green Lantern alive after the end of the movie.

As interesting as it might sound to have an A-lister like Cruise become the DCEU's Green Lantern, fans can't quite imagine what the action star might look like in the green suit. Thankfully, it seems like pop culture graphic artist BossLogic has a new art piece that just might help.

Check it out down here:


Seen with the green mask of Hal Jordan, fans get to see Cruise's charming self in Green Lantern's green suit with the action star's Top Gun character giving him a thumbs up in the background. Boss Logic is clearly trying to mash together Cruise's old movie with Hal Jordan's origin - comic book readers all know that Hal Jordan used to be a military pilot before taking on the ring and becoming a Green Lantern.

What do you think of Tom Cruise as Hal Jordan? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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